Waterford Wisconsin Main Street Designation common questions

Main Street Program Common Questions

On September 1, 2011, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) officially designated the Village of Waterford as a Wisconsin Main Street community. This designation officially recognized Waterford's commitment to downtown revitalization, economic development and historic preservation. WEDC provides technical support and training needed to restore Wisconsin Main Street communities to centers of community activity and commerce.


  1. What is the Main Street Program?
  2. Is the Village in charge of the Waterford Main Street program?
  3. How is Main Street different than the Chamber of Commerce?
  4. How is this program paid for?
  5. Do my property taxes provide the funding?
  6. Will my property taxes increase if Waterford becomes a Main Street Program community?
  7. How will this benefit my business?
  8. Does this program overlap with the Clue Group report?
  9. If this is for new businesses what will happen to my business?
  10. Will I have to redo my building façade and/or replace my signs? I have no money to make any upgrades.
  11. What kind of business do we have in our downtown to draw people to make Waterford a destination?

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What is the Main Street Program?

Main Street is a comprehensive and incremental revitalization program developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Main Street Program is meant to be a self-sustaining, grassroots community organization committed to restoring downtown as the business, cultural and social center of a community – guided by a four point approach.

The four point approach - organization, design, economic restructuring, and promotion - provides a framework for the board of directors, committees, and program manager. This approach is effective because it restores value to the downtown: physical, social, economic, and political value. To a resident, this means better quality of life; to a property owner or business, increased income.

The mission of Absolutely Waterford is to develop Waterford's unique identity in keeping with its rich history and promote the revitalization of the downtown Waterford Heritage District.