Volunteering for Beer / Wine Sales at Waterford River Rhythms and the Winter Wonderland Parade

Volunteer - Get Involved!

Absolutely Waterford is a Main Street program that is a volunteer-driven organization - we are nothing without you! Volunteers help us to make downtown Waterford a great place to live, work and play. We welcome all members of the Waterford community who would like to contribute toward the improvement of our vibrant district. We need and welcome all forms of help - your time, talents, creativity and energy!

Why Volunteer?

  • To get to know your community
  • To take part in preserving a Village with a rich history
  • To make new friends
  • To feel pride and satisfaction as your efforts make a difference
  • To explore a career (and enhance your resume)
  • To keep your skills sharp
  • To complete an internship - earn academic credit
  • To have fun!

Opportunities and How YOU Can Help!

At Absolutely Waterford, the opportunities are varied and rich. We are always in need of writers, photographers, graphic designers, event planners, database developers/managers, financial professionals, artists, landscapers, project managers, marketing professionals, and administrative help in the office.

A Sound Investment in Downtown

YOU can make our downtown awesome with cool events, beautiful buildings and hip shops! In the last year, we have been awarded an official Main Street Wisconsin Community designation providing us with technical assistance from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to implement new events and promotions, assist with openings of new businesses and support building restorations. We receive all of our funding from private donations, fundraisers, in-kind donations and support from the Village of Waterford. However, to continue our programming, services and technical assistance, we need to continue our fundraising efforts.

Volunteers, cont'd

Kohl, Kathy

Kott, Dave

Krueger, Yvonne

Lauer, Brian

Lauer, Yvonne

Lindbloom, Kathy

Messick, Barb

Nargis, Kathy

Nargis, Roger

Pisarski, Rita

Roanhouse, Tom

Robers, Kathy

Schaefer, Adam

Scheffler, Deborah

Schmidt, Dianne

Sikora, Al

Sippel, Jessica

Sterling, Angie

Thom, Nancy

Vander Sanden, Maureen


Alby, Terry

Baumann, Lynn

Borth, Nick

Brummel, Ken

Bryant, Howard

Bursiak, Janet

Cannistra, Sandy

Czaja, Bill

Eulgen, Teri

Flintrop, Edit

Gamble, Liz

Gambrel, Judy

Gariepy, Bob

Hansen, Angionette

Houston, Don

Joliffe, Gail

Josephson, Jan

Jurgensen, Dawn

Keiser, Lori

Koeller, Karen